Sunday, August 9, 2020

My Cooking Adventures by Hera Bell

 Eat local. Eat fresh. Eat colorful. 

 Some may call it "ratatouille". Italians add olives it becomes "caponata". I cook without a recepie. 

 Over the years, throughout my travels I learnt a great deal about flavours which is only achieved by the use of spices. Therefor I invite everyone to go into such flavour adventures as me. Don't be shy. Cook with spices. 

 Chop ognions as half moon slices. Fry them in peanut oil. It is heat resistant. Olive oil under high heat burns and actually becomes bad. 

 Chop everything else.

Add to the pot. Add tomato coulis. Water. Salt. Sweet Antep pepper flakes. A bit of hot Antep pepper flakes. Lime juice. Garlic and onion powders. Mix everything. 

 In low heat start simmering everything. If you want it to be one a full vegan meal. Just add chick peas or various beans of your choice.

Bonne App├ętit. 

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Our Shopping Centers During Covid 19 Era

If one would predict the Covid era we find ourselves in right now as a futuristic movie, they would be right on. In fact there has been movies about pandemics.

We all have watched it as a futuristic scenario. We never would think we would find ourselves living in it.

Yesterday for the very first time I took the courage to venture into Fairview mall. Upon entering and after desenfecting my hands I started hearing an announcement regarding safety. In both languages. I felt I am in a science fiction movie. Young Boys and Girls with masks were in.line to get their bubble tea. Often they kept putting their masks up and down, like one puts an underwear or a condom. I tried to keep my distance. It was first time since Covid hit us I entered a space that I felt the unpredictable crowds passing by me. Too close to my comfort. I must admit.

I entered H&M store. No line up. Desenfected my hands again. They told me you can't try out cloths. But buy them. Keep your bill. Try them out. If it doesn't fit return them back. I said OK. The store was full of millenials. Careless. Jumping on me from all corners of the store. They were out shopping in groups of 4 and 5. With their badly placed masks exposing their nose.

The shopping center had no longer the comfy leather couches to sit on. It looked bare. You could see the forever new tiles on the floors. It really felt like a bizarre space station. I never thought I would live in an era like this. Much like in the movies.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Eat The Tacos Not the conventional way by Hera Bell

Tonight I eat this. A very international flavour mix. Mexican tortilla. Portugese piri piri with Indian gram masala marinated with smoked paprika garlic and lemon. Roasted in the oven chicken breast. Then a bit of mayo. Very noth American.
Topped with marinated Mexican way red onions memories of Merida. Voila.
No set recepies. I mix flavors. Food needs to taste yummy for me.

I cook through my travel experiences.

Monday, February 24, 2020

WATER DROP COLLISIONS Abstract Photography by Montreal photographer Hera Bell

Yesterday I experimented with my new toy which came from a UK supplier.
The results are quite fun. Not bad for a first time. I wanted to create water sculptures.
Here are first few.

 If you are curious about the wiggly part. It happened because I thought it would make a better image. Otherwise there was minimum editing done.
Camera is Canon 5D Mark III. One portable Canon flash was used. I opted to use my zoom lens instead of a macro. Better control on manual focus.

 "My Hommge To Erte's Fashion" 
 Imagine this is milk.

"Very Pregnant, boy or girl"

From my Abrstract Fluides series. "Ageing" Some of us know what it means. Where everything tends to go towards south.

Acrilic limited edition of 100 print details of my collection.

Sea Monsters Dancing...
From my water series. This image is a collection of 3 shots. All shot during my first try. All I coud see Sea Monsters. Voila. At a dance 2 males courting a female.
White background and just clear water. Lighting is everything.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My New YouTube TRAVEL CHANEL by Montreal Portrait photographer Hera Bell

I have decided to create a travel YouTube channel.
So far it starts with our recent trip to Portugal in MAY & JUNE 2019.
All the audiovisuals and the videos have been created with Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. And they are direct uploads from the cell phone. Images are shot in RAW format (DNG) in cell phone and are 23 meg each. They are reduced to be in the blog post.

Next trip is New York. Stay tuned. And subscribe not to miss anything.

Portugal through my lens. Voila Just Click to the link below.