Sunday, March 22, 2020

Eat The Tacos Not the conventional way by Hera Bell

Tonight I eat this. A very international flavour mix. Mexican tortilla. Portugese piri piri with Indian gram masala marinated with smoked paprika garlic and lemon. Roasted in the oven chicken breast. Then a bit of mayo. Very noth American.
Topped with marinated Mexican way red onions memories of Merida. Voila.
No set recepies. I mix flavors. Food needs to taste yummy for me.

I cook through my travel experiences.

Monday, February 24, 2020

WATER DROP COLLISIONS Abstract Photography by Montreal photographer Hera Bell

Yesterday I experimented with my new toy which came from a UK supplier.
The results are quite fun. Not bad for a first time. I wanted to create water sculptures.
Here are first few.

 If you are curious about the wiggly part. It happened because I thought it would make a better image. Otherwise there was minimum editing done.
Camera is Canon 5D Mark III. One portable Canon flash was used. I opted to use my zoom lens instead of a macro. Better control on manual focus.

 "My Hommge To Erte's Fashion" 
 Imagine this is milk.

"Very Pregnant, boy or girl"

From my Abrstract Fluides series. "Ageing" Some of us know what it means. Where everything tends to go towards south.

Acrilic limited edition of 100 print details of my collection.

Sea Monsters Dancing...
From my water series. This image is a collection of 3 shots. All shot during my first try. All I coud see Sea Monsters. Voila. At a dance 2 males courting a female.
White background and just clear water. Lighting is everything.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My New YouTube TRAVEL CHANEL by Montreal Portrait photographer Hera Bell

I have decided to create a travel YouTube channel.
So far it starts with our recent trip to Portugal in MAY & JUNE 2019.
All the audiovisuals and the videos have been created with Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. And they are direct uploads from the cell phone. Images are shot in RAW format (DNG) in cell phone and are 23 meg each. They are reduced to be in the blog post.

Next trip is New York. Stay tuned. And subscribe not to miss anything.

Portugal through my lens. Voila Just Click to the link below.


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Montreal Boudoir Photographer Hera Bell at Darleen Wong's Pod Cast

March 26 2019 at 5pm Tuesday I was a part of a podcast created by interior designer artiste DarkeenWong. Follow the link below to listen.

DARLEEN WONG's Boudoir therapy podcast link

I was the first guest at interior designer Darleen Wong's pod cast. I had met Darleen as a young budding assistant interior designer during our kitchen renos in 2006. Our kitchen had been featured in HGTV several years ago and it was described as SMALL SPACE GRAND DESIGN. She has come a long way since then.

Some of my quotes during the podcast

Monday, January 28, 2019


SUNDAY 20th of JANUARY 2019

After rescheduling our session several times due to our conflicting busy schedules Montreal's one of the top entertainment and event planner queens Emily was booked that stormy Sunday.  I started the day with a power failure, at my space as the temperature has become 15 Celsius. I immediately did communicate with her. Even though we had a horrendous snow storm. She did not want to cancel the session.

We started the session around 1pm.

Our goal and artistic direction  was not just to  shoot your regular glamour and boudoir shots. Since  I always offer to my clientele special collages she wanted to take advantage of it. I was there to create with the session in my studio some out of this world realistic digital collages. Taking her all the way to well known Parisian landscapes. She did chose the city of Paris specifically.

I was in Paris several times. I was going to use the images that I took from our  latest trip in September 2017 to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.

Let's talk about Glamour makeover photography. NOT BOUDOIR...Which I have been shooting since 1998. All the way back to film era.
Today with digital photography, my work is only a step further with my clientele.
Ultra realistic photographic collages. My clients are not fairies in fairytales. They are real women. They live on earth. Last time I checked. hehehe

Ahhh! Paris...
Musee de Louvre grounds.
Today you are covered with snow.
But in 2017 September you looked like this at dusk.
With a little help of my Photoshop adventures now this space that I had photographed looks more glamourous with Emily in it.

Paris is among few European cities that competes with it's beautiful bridges that I had photographed throughout my travels.
Prague. Rome. Budapest Have all great bridges as well.
Pont Alexandre rivals many. It is a piece of architectural art that encapsulates Paris" grand splendor.

Le Jardin De Luxembourg. In the middle of Paris a pure paradise space filled with activities, enchanting walks and relaxing moments. You can spend hours watching  the sun worshippers with cloths on stinting on chairs  around the large pools and gardens. 

Let me take you  then to Chateau Fontainebleau in France.
Nothing impossible in life....

And let's step into an antiquaries' shop in Paris.

After some deserts at  the famous CafĂ© Angelina let's stroll a bit.

What can I say. How to photograph her $500.00 bathing suit in some artistic way..
 I just had to say it. Just ask me what boudoir is. To me it is sexy Glamour.

Here are some of the regular sexy studio photos from.the same day session.